Santa Fe 500

Santa Fe, New Mexico




This year's Santa Fe 500 is back by popular demand and has morphed into a 3 night/4 day pre-mapped drive on scenic back roads to our destination hub hotel in Telluride, Colorado.


Day one starts in Santa Fe with an 8:00AM complementary breakfast at a new venue, the Las Campanas Clubhouse where we can park our cars on the Concorso's "race car" lawn, in view of the breakfast venue. Those with cars that leak oil (Eric your secret is safe with us) will be used as weed control along the edges. Breakfast, with mandatory participant self-introductions, will be followed by the passing out of the swag and maps. Participants are encouraged to "Swag Up" for the drivers meeting and photos at 9:00.


The Santa Fe 500 will supply a sumptuous box lunch via Las Campanas catering for the days long journey on mostly new but all paved, very scenic roads to Telluride. A designated roadside picnic area has been located for a mid-day break.


On to Telluride for Hotel check in followed by a complementary ski lift ride to the mountain top restaurant for a group dinner.


Tuesday will begin at 8:00 with complementary breakfast at Hotel Telluride, followed by a trip North and West to Moab, Utah, again on beautiful back roads to a lunch venue along the Sorrel River. Our return path will take us on a new loop road back to Telluride for late afternoon shopping and drinking. The SF 500 has located an open menu restaurant for our group.


Wednesday will again begin at 8:00 with complementary breakfast at the Hotel Telluride, followed by a trip North to the Gateway Car Museum for lunch, and Colorado National Monument loop road in the afternoon. The return trip to Telluride will again allow enough time for obligatory shopping, drinking and dinner together.


Thursday, will yet again begin at 8:00AM with a complementary breakfast at Hotel Telluride, followed by a short award ceremony with parting prizes (just like Jeopardy) and tearful departure back to the reality we call Santa Fe, with a pit stop at Bodes included.


As you can see the Santa Fe 500's focus is on eating, driving, eating, socializing, looking at scenery, looking at cars, driving, and eating with drinks. If you think you are up to the rigors of companionship and cars, sign up!


We have 50 rooms reserved, ask for the Santa Fe 500 rate, and sign up with Bob via snail mail. Send in your $225 per person fee and waiver form, and keep watching for updates. Wax your car, fill the tank, come on the tour.




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